Risk-based testing programme for Mycobacterium bovis following a clinical case in a zoological garden

  • Matt Hartley
  • D. Grove
  • M. Lewis
  • D. Beeston
  • P. Stewart


Mycobacterium bovis is a strictly controlled disease. Outbreaks in zoos result in animal movement bans, disease investigation and euthanasia of infected animals. Both specific tuberculosis legislation and European Directive 92/65, often known as the "Balai" directive, require zoos to be free from tuberculosis in order to import and export animals. This paper describes the use of a risk based targeted testing programme for tuberculosis following a confirmed case of disease. This regime ensured a comprehensive but proportionate disease investigation developed through close co-operation with government veterinary officials, therefore limiting the impact of anaesthetic procedures and animal handling required to complete the necessary testing.

Evidence Based Practice