Diet review and change for monkeys at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park


  • Amy Plowman Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust



Between 2003 and 2010 the diets of all medium-sized monkeys at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park were subjected to a continual process of review and improvement. This resulted in the removal of all fruit, bread, eggs and seeds from the diets and changes to commercial products used for some species. All species are now provided with similar diets consisting of a suitable commercial pelleted feed, a variety of fresh vegetables and small amounts of dog biscuits and cooked brown rice to provide opportunities for scatter feeding. Compared with the 2003 diets the 2010 diets have higher levels of protein (3–47% increase) and fibre (36–77% more NDF) and lower levels of readily digestible carbohydrate (6–14% decrease). Resultant health benefits have been improved dental health and weight loss in some previously overweight individuals. In addition, the 2010 diets are also considerably less expensive than the 2003 diets resulting in an estimated annual cost saving of £9717 based on current prices and animals held.

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Amy Plowman, Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

Paignton Zoo Environmental Park




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Plowman, A. (2013). Diet review and change for monkeys at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park. Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research, 1(2), 73–77.



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